The Vamp Is At It Again

Some people are incorrigible.

They never learn from their mistakes. In fact, the more they stray the more likely they turn into a powder keg – ready to explode at any time.

Sally Bercow is one of those women who in pursuit of publicity will do anything to keep herself in print. Her poor suffering husband must feel trapped and rue the day when his wayward wife first hit the headlines, partly covered by a white sheet, in a suggestive pose – and then went on to graduate on a different occasion to be snapped in a drunken state with her short skirt riding up her thighs to show a pair of black knickers, which frankly made the concept of sex more tawdry than ever.

Then there was the great drama of her disgraceful suggestion on Twitter that Lord McAlpine, who died recently, might have been a paedophile – landing her in real trouble and, as a consequence, having to cough up £15,000 in compensation.

With this litany of disasters behind her, one would have thought she would keep her head down and act more responsibly in the future. But oh no, it gets worse…

Snogging who she calls ‘a friend’ in a nightclub is not only out of order for the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons, but the limit of degradation.

Pictures of her in the Sun newspaper looking sort of moody, as if in a sexual trance, are quite frankly much to bawdy to give credence to her statement of it being ‘an innocent kiss’.

I can well imagine what the consequences would be if she was let loose on President Hollande, but I expect he would have met his match. She would no doubt eat him for breakfast – and that hopefully would teach the lothario a lesson.

In the meantime, she should stop tormenting her husband by her unconventional and rather appalling behaviour – and remember that the public is not so gullible as to believe her incongruous antics to be an odd dimension of purity, which is laughable in the circumstances.

The vamp needs, perhaps, a smack on her bottom – in a figurative sense, at the risk of feminist ire; otherwise, her rampage will continue unabated.

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