My Woman of the Year…

There is no stopping Miley Cyrus, the new vagabond of the entertainment world who has become the most outrageous young celebrity to hit the headlines.

Her talent is phenomenal in as much as it appeals to the new liberal, or libertine, generation of young men and women who find her charisma hard to resit.

She has turned herself into a sex icon with no holds barred – embracing vulgarity as a means to get a vampish recognition, leaving little to the imagination.

Her natural confidence has propelled her to spheres where few dare to tread, and yet she has managed to create a spell-binding image of herself which might be off-putting to some but mesmerising to her fans.

She is big news wherever she goes, singing, stripping, sticking out her tongue and twerking. Although one can feel at times rather appalled by her antics, she is nevertheless difficult to ignore.

A great force to be reckoned with, she has amassed a fortune while still at the tender age of twenty-one. People in the entertainment industry believe that it won’t be long now before her earning capabilities make her a billionairess.

She certainly knows where she’s going. No one should underestimate her frolicking and rude gestures and write her off as a spoilt brat whose time of glory is rather limited. Her bag of tricks seems to be endless.

For that reason, I choose her as my disgraceful woman of the year – and still hope to be stunned by her behaviour in 2014.

See you on 6th January!

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