Born in Siberia: A True Epic

Born in Siberia is the story of a remarkable Russian woman and her family in the aftermath of the 1917 Revolution until today.

Told in her own words, Tamara Astafieva’s story, which reads in places like one of the traditional fables from the beautiful but fearsome land in which she was born, is also the story of millions of other ordinary Russians and their families during a most troubled century in that country’s long and turbulent history.

Editors Michael Darlow and Debbie Slater, along with translator Luba Ioffe, have helped to bring a more cohesive edge to Tamara’s story – with some explanatory notes and occasional commentary.

The book sheds light on her life and many other families in similar circumstances who had to endure the harshness of both climate and conditions to survive from one day to the next, against interminable odds to keep body and soul – without the loss of both.

It’s a moving story that touches the heart and in many ways glorifies faith and the human capacity to continue with the struggle, and fight back the traumas that come with hunger and the absence of essential needs. It clearly demonstrates Russian pride, resilience and the love of their country, giving them that extra strength with which to combat the vagaries of time.

Tamara’s story is a monument to Russia’s great people who have fought with courage against more hardship than anyone can ever imagine, and triumphed.

Born in Siberia is an inspirational book to read, cherish and pass on to the next generation.

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