Thought for the Day: My Christmas Nightmare

As we approach the Christmas season the notion of having a long break from work sends me into a state of panic.

The daily routine suddenly disappears, the town is empty once the shopping madness is over, and people either go to the country to eat and drink themselves silly, or stay in London, bored and glued to their television set out of sheer desperation.

Families congregate and exchange presents but it isn’t long after the initial calm that they begin to argue and quarrel and make the atmosphere charged with animosity. The dream of compatibility becomes a myth and past disagreements surface to ruin the great family reunions that most of us dread.

We eat and drink to excess, feel bloated most of the time and break wind to the embarrassment and shock of others who invariably pretend to have exquisite manners to put us to shame. We finally stagger to bed at a late hour with our stomachs bursting to capacity. We toss and turn, snore in a pig-like manner and God knows what else; I dread to think.

I count the days when the so-called festivities come to an end and pick myself up from a somnific bodily delirium and try to get in top gear again, and enjoy the stress of a proper working day.

Then I thank the Lord for having survived the Christmas ordeal unscathed, and still raring to go.

One response to “Thought for the Day: My Christmas Nightmare

  1. Hmmm – there speaketh a MAN. sorry to be sexist – but most women are equally glad to see the end of the festivities – not because we want to get back to work “raring to go” – but we are in an utter state of collapse! Work may well be the more relaxing alternative. The build up last for weeks, the planning, buying and organising – then in a rush of manic cooking – feeding – it’s all over and on Boxing Day you have to start again! Christmas. Love it – but dread it each year!