Thought for the Day

Has fashion gone wrong? Or is it in the throes of a revolutionary new direction where catering for less material and more flesh exposure is market-driven, as sex has become a gold commodity to entice a new generation of women who will bare almost all to be noticed?

Although seduction has always been at the core of fashion since its early inception, it has of late flourished, as unfettered women shed their inhibitions and seem happy to reveal their most intimate parts to outdo the competitive edge of their rivals.

As a man who revels in the exquisite feminine form and the creative beauty of its concept, I cannot but simply applaud this variation on a theme that fashion has found to be daringly inventive and more commercially desirable. Designers are now having a field day in nurturing their most hidden artistic gifts without the conventional parameters of bygone days that hindered the scope of their unbridled talent.

The forbidden fruit is emerging at long last as the catalyst for change. Even today’s young royals are doing a Marilyn Monroe number to demonstrate to their peers they are as fashionable and risqué as any celebrity around. That in itself proves that fashion has not gone wrong. It has in fact adopted a new trend that will perhaps evolve in time to be the norm, and less shocking than some of us believe.

In the meantime, it is cause for celebration for most men who will no doubt be in raptures for having witnessed this Rabelaisian mood gripping the very fabric of society.

Vive la revolution and let’s go to bed contented!

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