Beware the Little Woman’s Wrath

There are two old sayings: ‘He that has a wife has strife’; and, ‘He that has a wife has a master.’

The husband with his new girlfriend

A tycoon who claims to be bankrupt was ordered to pay his estranged wife £20 million last week after a judge ruled he has hidden his wealth from the High Court. Mr Justice Moor said he believed Scot Young, fifty-one, was worth £45 million with ‘wads of cash in his possession’, and gave him twenty-eight days to pay Michelle Young the lump sum, plus £5 million in costs.

Instead of being relieved with the ruling Mrs Young, forty-nine, who wanted at least £300 million, called the decision a ‘disgrace’ and asserted that the saga was far from over. The ruling, which marks the climax of a bitterly acrimonious seven-year divorce battle, has enraged his wife who has accused her husband of fraud and manipulation in claiming that he was now bankrupt and had debts to the tune of £28 million.

Mrs Young has apparently spent already £6.4 million in legal fees  and expert costs in an all-consuming fight to the financial death with her husband, whom she claims is worth ‘a few billion’ and has robbed her and their two daughters by concealing his assets offshore (see picture below).

It is hard to believe that in a time of world-wide austerity a sum of £20 million awarded, regardless of how much her husband may or may not be worth, is sniffed at by a wife whose greed is unlikely to gain her any sympathy from the public. It simply goes to prove that a woman either loves or hates in extremes.

And Mrs Young is a prime example of the dangers that await a married couple when their bond is ruptured and the woman’s revenge takes over her life, often to a calamitous end. A sad story of a failed marriage fought in a public arena with no holds barred, as in this case, will reflect badly on the institution of marriage that a lot of us consider as sacrosanct. The young generation will feel threatened by such a display of damnable behaviour, which will give them pause to ponder before taking the challenge of any matrimonial immersion that should last a lifetime.

I hope Mrs Young will reflect deeply and sensibly and put an end to this unpleasant saga that has run its course by now.

I can only pray that a divine intervention will follow to heal the wounds of this senseless battle by two people who must have once loved each other and brought up two lovely daughters to bless their union.

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