A Book for Christmas: The Year of Miracle and Grief

First published in 1984, this gem of a book is hauntingly enchanting, and has a serenade quality like a piece of music that never dates.

A twelve-year-old boy finds magic, mystery, romance and sadness at the beautiful Lake Baikal, deep in Siberia, considered the oldest lake on earth. As his astonishment yields to inquisitiveness, he begins to explore the fairy tale of the area… 

miracle and griefTranslated from the Russian by Jennifer Bradshaw, it never loses its poetic flow and its impact transports the reader to a world where innocence and charm transcend the cruel world we live in.

It’s a book for Christmas, written with flair and an imaginative perception by Leonid Borodin, a Christian writer and Soviet dissident who was arrested more than once and imprisoned for his beliefs.

The New York Times called the book ‘a work of art so seamless and so natural one can only imagine it took ages and ages of hard dreaming to construct’. Having spent so many years in jail, the author had ample enforced time to dream – which helped him to survive and in so doing create a mythical world of his own for our enjoyment and benefit.

Order your copy now. You will not regret it.

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