Strictly Overwhelmed

I’m a great fan of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, which I religiously follow every weekend in preference to anything else on the telly.

Although I have never been able to dance with any measure of proficiency, despite having had lessons at the age of nineteen at a dance school in Wandsworth, the mere display of a dancing routine well executed by a talented couple sends me into an ecstatic state of unmeasurable delight. It lights my spirit amid the pomp and splendour of a colourful ambience in which the dancers compete, and leaves me almost breathless with excitement.

This year’s programme maintains the high standards of previous years with the usual odd mix of celebrities, some of whom are chosen to bring jollity to the enterprise and certainly not for their dancing skills. The rest are a motley of talent that comes to the surface and holds us in total suspense.

One of the competing ladies is the model Abbey Clancy, who was my woman of the week earlier this year. The twenty-seven-year-old stunner, married to Stoke City striker Peter Crouch, bared all at the time in a photo shoot for the arty magazine Hunger by top fashion photographer Rankin, who used his camera to smouldering effect – making her, in my view, absolutely gorgeous without her clothes on.

Now Abbey, who is as delectable and feminine as they come, has burst on to the scene with her exquisite dancing that has catapulted her to an added dimension of which her most ardent fans were unaware. Her natural ability to charm and make friends easily reveals a warmth in her character to captivate the most cynical of her audience.

Julien MacDonald, the dress designer who was one of her rivals on the dance floor, not only found cosying up to her a pleasurable pastime – she also inspired him to create exclusively for her an eye-popping dress to wear for The Brave Charity event at the Dorchester Hotel in London last week.

The risqué sequinned dress with nude, sheer panelling at the sides featured sparkling Union Jacks across the front and back. Abbey said she had been looking forward to modelling the dress at the annual event, tweeting beforehand: ‘Can’t wait. My dress is amazing.’

Well by golly it is. She looks magnificent – her body, crafted with such delicacy, encapsulating a cauldron of sensuality that clearly defines womanhood at its very best. As an admirer of the exquisite female form I’m shamelessly overwhelmed.

This girl will go far.