Jemima Showing Her Wild Side

Fashion defies comprehension.

What you see on the catwalk does not in practice necessarily translate itself into a conventional garment to boost your self-confidence, or for that matter flatter your ego.

There is no telling what the impact would be in general nor to what extent the visual reaction in particular might engender.

However, the trend these days tends to lean towards the minimal of clothing and the maximum of flesh-bearing to ensure a dramatic rousing of sexual desire, or at least the subtle instigation of it without really admitting it.

Jemima Khan

Jemima Khan, the well-known heiress and socialite, attending a Halloween ball in aid of UNICEF UK with Hugh Grant, her former boyfriend, was snapped wearing an evening dress which left little to the imagination. Perhaps a tiny bit risqué, but who cares?

Although she looked stunningly attractive from the rear, I have no doubt that her front was equally enticing.

Her talents are not to be sneered at. She’s a good journalist, a benefactor of worthy causes, sympathetic to the plight of those who suffer persecution, and is not deterred by criticism from achieving her objectives.

She’s a woman to be admired, and I can well understand why that freak of nature the mad Russell Brand has fallen for her charms – as many others have done in the past – and I have no doubt they will continue on the same path in the future.

For me, that picture, although it may raise some eyebrows in certain quarters, is unlikely to dampen my respect for her. She’s a woman driven in all sorts of directions and has the balls to do what she likes without caring two hoots what the Establishment thinks or dictates.

Having said that, one has to take into account that she is the daughter of that great maverick the late Sir Jimmy Goldsmith – and that explains it all.

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