Transparency is the Key to Democracy

I’m totally opposed to legislation likely to impede free speech or impair the pursuit of investigative journalism.

It destabilises the tenets of democracy and encourages those who are a menace to society to get away with illegitimate means to achieve their objective.

Many a crime would not have been discovered or brought to justice if newspapers were muzzled and prevented from pursuing in the course of their search for a story of genuine public interest. Restrictive regulations can only deter them from doing their job properly.

If, however, they break the law in the process, then this is another matter which the existing laws of the land are well placed to deal with.

Governments have no right to dictate to a free press what to expose or conceal under the pretext of either protecting the security of the nation, which in most cases is baloney, or the sanctity of the privacy of the individual, which again is more or less elitist. As it is, we are constantly bombarded with a gospel of political correctness which keeps nibbling at our right to express our views without fear or prejudicial consequences, while the politicians operate in a different sphere altogether.

Double standards are becoming frightfully common with expediency featuring as the main culprit. The motto of most politicians could easily be interpreted as: ‘Do what we tell you but don’t follow our example.’

One has simply to observe how the House of Lords is being filled to capacity with a bunch of nincompoops who will demean the standing of that august second chamber and thereby lessen its contribution to the welfare of the nation.

We need to raise the standards of politics and prevent those who rule us from having an easy ride by hoodwinking us blindly to believe that they’re motivated by their love of their country and not by the vulgar pursuit of power. Transparency is the key to democracy and should be practised at all times without exception, for honesty is the best policy.

The new press regulations are tantamount to a conspiracy by the three main political parties to keep us all in check. As John the Baptist showed, a voice in the wilderness is preferable to none.

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