Is Hugging Enough?

A new research claims that modern man enjoys a hug as much as women. Since gender differences seem to become less and less pronounced, we tend to behave and feel more in tandem, both physically and emotionally. The gap that once existed is no longer as relevant as it may have been. It diminished as the sexes intermingled and shared common objectives which were at one time associated specifically with either men or women. Even bisexuality has become trendy and no longer carries a stigma in the more traditional echelons of society.

The men of today, far from being macho characters who suppress or conceal their feelings, now admit they frequently need a cuddle amid their busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules, says the study published recently. Other comforts to which men turn to in their hour of need are music, fresh air and a get-together with friends.

I’m not so sure that the comforts the study designates apply to most men. For example, I admit to being tactile, a habitué of warm hugs, a music freak and a compulsive opera addict – not the usual run of the mill. My only way of unwinding after a stressful day at the office is to sit in total seclusion at home, or in the silent company of my wife and watch a concert of classical music on television or a Wagner opera to lift me to the world beyond. Fresh air does nothing but irritate me nor does a getting together with friends, unless I feel totally relaxed and free from the exhaustion of a hard-working day.

Women however, according to the above mentioned research, reach for a cup of tea when they are glum while chatting to a friend on the telephone, or watching their favourite TV programme also featured highly.

The survey suggested that we are more likely to flick the kettle on rather than opting for an alcoholic drink to cheer us up.

The research in what can improve our mood was carried out amongst 5000 adults by the insurance group AXA. Chris Jones, a spokesman, said: ‘We know it’s the little things that mean a lot to people. We often make assumptions that grand gestures are how we cheer each other up, but this shows everyday things are what really makes the difference.’

Donna Dawson, a psychologist, said: ‘Little things mean a lot in life and many of them are free: walking outdoors or lisening to our favourite music both work by calming us, through using our senses of sight, sound , smell and taste… And heightening our senses can in turn lift our spirits, especially on those dark miserable days of winter… As touch is the most powerful sense of them all, this explains why a hug is the number one mood-changer. Also in the top ten was spending time with a partner, comfort food and a call or text from a relative.’

As a man who is physically alert, I would like to add that the best remedy for stress is to feel the warmth of a naked female’s body brushing your own tantalisingly, transporting you to an elixir of sensuality that makes your heart flutter with delight. If anyone is able to prescribe something better than this please come out of your shell and share your secret enigma with your fellow mortals.

You will no doubt be rewarded in heaven.

One response to “Is Hugging Enough?

  1. ….the lightest touch of your lover’s lips softly pausing in that little groove at the base of your throat…the whisper of her breath teasing playfully behind your ear…..

    Not sure these qualify as better prescriptions than the one you delightfully offer here, but certainly such thoughts have me smiling as I sit at my desk and imagine such “elixir’s of sensuality”…

    Counting in being reward in heaven.