A Bright Light on the Horizon


Oh well, David Cameron has for a change delighted the nation by appointing a cutie as the new employment minister in his recent re-shuffle.

Esther McVey has succeeded in rising swiftly through the political ranks with a lowkey determination. It wasn’t so long ago that it seemed she had little more than bare ambition, which has now propelled her to greater sights.

Photographs of the former GMTV presenter in racy poses were flashed across the pages of the Daily Mail recently for the first time. These were taken to launch her television career at the time.

Miss McVey, forty-five last week, became Iain Duncan Smith’s number two at the Department for Work and Pensions after impressing the PM with her work and her ability to charm all those who meet her.

Law graduate Miss McVey, who was privately educated at Belvedere Girls’ School in Liverpool, modelled for the saucy photo shoot in 1999 soon after landing the spot on the GMTV sofa that made her a household name. She did a four-month stint on the breakfast programme alongside Eamonn Holmes while his co-presenter Fiona Phillips was on maternity leave – and cheekily declared at the time that she was celibate because the 3.45am starts were not conducive to ‘rumpy-pumpy’. Her choice of words, which shows a humorous and appealing side to her character, will no doubt catapult her political aims to much greener pastures.

However, viewers got more than they bargained for when she accidentally flashed her white knickers to the nation courtesy of a rather unfortunate camera angle on her first day. And to add to it all, Miss McVey was unabashed when it came to showing off her slim figure during the photo shoot.

A source said: ‘The pictures were taken when GMTV was at its height really and shoots with the presenters were quite common. Esther was the new girl on the sofa and she agreed to do this rather glamorous and sexy shoot in a studio. The photographer remembers her being charm personified. She was lovely, very down-to-earth and really helpful. She loved the shoot and trying all the different outfits on. She will probably be a bit embarrassed that the pictures have been unearthed, but she shouldn’t be – she looks fantastic in them.’

Miss McVey went on to front BBC’s Heaven and Earth, and made a programme on naturists before deciding to scale down her television career in favour of politics eleven years ago.

Her first try as a Tory MP failed when she was narrowly defeated in the 2005 general election. Five years later, however, Miss McVey was victorious and took the Wirral West seat.

She has had relationships with BBC producer Mal Young, and Conservative culture minister Ed Vaizey, but has never married and is currently single.

She is definitely a woman after my own heart – unlike some women in politics who turn to extreme feminism in order to make their mark and get attention, and in the process be ridiculed. Perhaps the coterie of enlightened women such as Miss McVey will elevate the political scene to a much more popular perspective, while retaining their femininity to allure the rest of us for our full and positive support.

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