The Saga Continues…

Sally Bercow appears to be a woman with a destructive mission. Rarely out of the limelight, she never fails to shock.

Her  latest escapade is perhaps her most damaging.

Undignified pictures of her, dishevelled, with her black skirt riding up to her thighs and with a peeping view of her knickers, are surely unworthy of the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons. Her posture when negotiating a black cab, looking like a tart on the loose with a rude gesture of her middle finger, is much too degrading for any woman – let alone one of her status (through marriage).

It would have been better for her when going on a relentless bash such as this to have dispensed with her knickers, feigning support for the naturists, who perhaps take comfort in airing their private parts.

Her suffering husband, who must feel dwarfed by her towering height and her often uncouth comportment, is hopefully now at the end of his tether and will act forthwith, with steely determination, to limit the damage of his uncontrollable publicity-mad wife – by clipping her wings once and for all.

His extreme indulgence towards her has proved totally unworkable, unless of course he’s a glutton for punishment and revels in the notoriety of her antics. Only time will tell. A possible measure, as an interim solution, would be to restrict her dress-code to a burka.

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