Is Yoga the New Elixir of Love?

I have always underestimated the power of yoga – perhaps out of total ignorance, reinforced by my inability to switch off.

I recall on many an occasion, when encouraged by friends, I embarked on a holiday by the seaside in some exotic place to recline in a deckchair sunbathing and contemplating nature. For less than an hour the novelty of doing nothing tangible worked, but then irritation set in and I felt completely out of place. The void made me uneasy and I had to evict myself to a more interesting environment where sluggishness was not the most embracing factor.

However, as I grow older and despite my decreasing patience, I’m coming round to the idea that yoga might prove to be an experience worth trying if only to widen my awareness and grasp many of its claimed benefits.

Reading my newspapers last weekend I came across a headline: ‘Yoga Peps Up your Love Life.’ Since I’m physically inclined by nature, I was intrigued to delve further into the main article to find out about this latest discovery. Apparently the practice could be the solution for women suffering from a dip in their libido, according to new research.

Scientists studied women who had weight-related health problems and had seen their sex drive fall. Those who completed a twelve-week course of one-hour yoga lessons reported a significant improvement in their level of desire. Researchers believe the breathing and control yoga requires can improve blood flow, increasing arousal. Its stress-relieving qualities may also play a part.

Scientists at Suwon Catholic University in South Korea studied forty-one women with metabolic syndrome, which has a collection of symptoms including being overweight and high blood pressure. Twenty participants did the yoga course while all the women completed questionnaires to measure their levels of desire after twelve weeks. The results published online in the Journal of Sexual Medicine showed a significant improvement in the women who did yoga, but little or no change in the others.

I wonder whether a similar study with men would improve their libido. I should imagine with the increase in blood flow, they are likely to become randier. But since I’m not at present a yoga practitioner I can only speculate. However, I must concede the feeling of being tempted to join the enlightened brigade of yoga addicts who are, no doubt, scoring good points against our pathetic score of nil points.

One response to “Is Yoga the New Elixir of Love?

  1. Joe Mankowitz

    Any form of activity that creates a sense of well-being will perforce enhance the libido. I can aver that just being in a class with some of these ladies doesn’t hurt either. A few years ago, I did a weekend course in Tantra Yoga: it is known as the sexual Yoga, but it’s really about enhancing one’s sensitivity to all tactile pleasures, including touch, smelling & eating. Of course it was horny as well, but that was simply part of the overall experience ………… quite a bit of contemplating/meditating as well.