Are Polish Women in a Class of their Own?

Polish women have recently grabbed the headlines.

A study shows that they have four times as much sex in Britain than back home, and are twice as likely to engage in sexually risky behaviour. It also infers that they are coming to the UK for sexual liberation and social freedom, which may easily put them at risk of exploitation.

Poland is a Roman Catholic country which adheres to its religious and traditional values with regard to sex, and would not welcome the findings of what this research has unravelled.

Grazyna Czubinska, a psychotherapist at the Polish University Abroad in London, found that young Polish women living away from home were also more likely to cheat on their partners.

Miss Czubinska, who interviewed five hundred students at the university, said: ‘Women are branching out and using various means for fulfilling their sexual needs, including swinging, group sex and online.’ She added that increased sexual activity was not always an indication of happiness and found that forty per cent of the women she interviewed were experiencing ‘strong states of nervous tension’. She also discovered that Polish women were three times more likely to exchange sex for accommodation, cleaning or cooking in the UK, than they would at home.

Sabrina Mazoruk, a psychologist at the Polish Centre for Sexual Health in London, said that ‘the newness of the UK makes Polish women feel more liberated’.

‘They are here without their families, and there is no control over what they do,’ she said. ‘People in England are more relaxed in general, nobody cares what you do. You meet people from different cultures, it’s exciting and you want to try new things.’

She also attributed a rise in promiscuity to the availability of abortion.

‘Polish women will come to the UK and have casual sex because they know an abortion is available here,’ she said. ‘This is obviously very worrying. More needs to be done about sex education in Poland.’

Agnieszka Kolek, a London-based artist recently voted Polish woman of the year, believes that Polish women do not have to move abroad to become liberated. ‘They come here to study, work and make careers,’ she said.

I tend to agree with Ms Kolek. Why are we picking on young Polish women when we see with our own eyes students in Oxford and Cambridge behaving in a more outrageous sexual chicanery than ever before.

My own view is that young women of any nationality or creed go through a hedonistic period in their life in the process of attaining maturity. This is part and parcel of growing up and achieving the right balance with which they forge ahead to become responsible human beings, having burnt the steam of youth to near extinction and enjoyed every bit of it.

On the particular issue of Polish women, I am biased. I married one of them in the prime of her youth, a blossoming flower exquisitely formed with a complexion to defy description. She was born with natural elegance and remains as beautiful today as she ever was.

So let us sing her rhapsody and that of her compatriots, and celebrate their liberation – if that’s the word to use – and wish them well on their glorious march to posterity.

One response to “Are Polish Women in a Class of their Own?

  1. The point being made is that the morals of Polish women are also being corrupted because they now have been exposed to feminism, which promotes female promiscuity.

    You don’t seem to realise acknowledge that Polish women becoming as liberated as British women means that they will in time become SLUTS and their offspring BASTARDS, until they too become like the women of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.

    If you are not familiar with this concept, think of Fat Slags in Viz. That is where these nice Polish ladies are heading too.

    Are you really sure you want to celebrate this?