Thought for the Day – or, Six Months Later…

Princess Eugenie, the free-spirited daughter of Prince Andrew and her hell-raising mother, Fergie, seems at first glance to be more than a handful.

Pictured twerking à la Miley Cyrus in the fashionable Alpine ski resort of Verbier last March, where she was holidaying with her sister Beatrice and her parents, the young princess shed every inch of her decorum and took to the floor in the wild new dance, guaranteed to hit the headlines at some future date.

The picture, which is visible to all on the Instagram profile of Mr Wentworth Stanley, the twenty-three-year-old son of The Queen’s cousin, the Marquess of Milford Haven, shows the fun-seeking Eugenie striking the same pose as Miley, with a stuffed bear in the background as if to replicate the MTV VMAs sensation which shocked the world for its sexual vulgarity.

Some of the young royals seem determined to make the most of their privileges, but in the view of many fail to perform a good example for young girls who look up to them for trendy guidance and everything else. I truly believe that as a nation we are overdoing the attention we pay to the young royals and in our enthusiasm ascribe to them qualities which are not always discernible.

We compile lists of the most influential people in Great Britain, naming the infant George, the son of the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, as number one. He is still in the early stages of his nappies and yet we are already elevating him to the rank of deity, which to me is much too ridiculous to absorb. Exaggeration must have its confines but it seems boundless when it is stretched to the outer limits of reason.

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  1. Such is the folly of the media and its audience