The Indomitable Brian Sewell

Outsider II

Outsider II by Brian Sewell is now out in paperback.

The phenomenally successful two volumes of his scandalous and haunting memoirs have established themselves as riveting reads for all those who seek the highest standards of the written word, and applaud a painful honesty in recording the ups and downs of a tumultuous career.

A larger than life, renowned critic who has galvanised the art scene over the last thirty years with his acerbic and uncompromising critique, Brian remains the supreme arbiter of his craft.

No one to my knowledge has caused such rumpuses among the purveyors of the clique that has for so long monopolised the art world, and in the process raised emotions to a boiling point. Yet he remains above it all and is not afeard of the consequences of his pen.

For these reasons alone, the paperback edition of Outsider II should be embraced with the credit it deserves and cherished as an iconic monument to remember.

Praise for Outsider I and II

‘Filthy, snobbish and tremendously enjoyable’ Philip Hensher, Guardian

‘He is the gift that keeps on giving’ John Walsh, Independent

‘There are a few books, only a few, which make one wish to know the author in order to explore his thoughts and personality further. This is such a book – by the outstanding, most outspoken art critic of our time’ Daily Mail

‘A remarkable memoir’ Mail on Sunday

‘He never spares others, but he never spares himself either, and we must admire him for that’ Sunday Times

‘There is constant pleasure in Sewell’s prose: the elegance of phrase, the wry humour and the clarity of insight’ Independent on Sunday

‘He is waspish, indiscreet, comical and utterly outrageous’ Sunday Express

‘The two volumes of Outsider are a major accomplishment. They provide a compelling account of the razzamatazz of the European art world that will be quoted for centuries. Supremely, though, they are a self-portrait of a prickly, fearless, honest man who provided loving loyalty à outrance’ TLS

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