Women are Masters of the Universe

The Wily Art of Exposure

Why do an increasing number of women like to show their hidden bits?

The old adage, if you’ve got it flaunt it, holds true today more than at any time before.

Is it because of the sexual revolution which has become prevalent on a much larger scale, due partly to the advertising industry that relates the majority of its products to sexual desire, and partly to the belief that unless you tantalise you are left behind in the coupling game?

Bragging about your secret bodily weapons is no longer workable unless you expose them, for buying fish in the sea is now an antiquated concept.

The options available are numerous and the choice is equally competitive, whereas in the past choice was subdued and hardly available. The total liberation of women has made life for them more complex since men have become more demanding and picky and rather spoilt for the excess market availability.

Added to that, the competitive aspect of women – even among themselves – has not helped matters vis-à-vis their physical relationships with men or other women.

As a result, sex has become a rampant commodity. It opens doors that were otherwise closed to so many, and catapults people to heights undreamed of before. So women are caught in this conundrum: whether to go with or against the trend, which is hard to avoid or ignore. For most they opt to go with the flow and manipulate circumstances to their benefit.

Men believe they are the drivers but in reality they are the passengers who are led by the nose without realising it. Women have the capacity to beguile and conquer, for they are made of sterner stuff.

Whoever underestimates their stratagem will only have himself to blame. Play with fire, and you get burned. But what an experience!

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