Jeremy Clarkson: A Man on the March

Jeremy Clarkson is obviously a man who wants to live his life to the full, without the constraints of established morality – which, as a married man, society demands of him.

The Top Gear presenter was seen this week with the former beautician and masseuse Phillipa Sage, enjoying an intimate kiss, which leads us to believe that their relationship, contrary to previous denials, is more conjunct than meets the eye.

Or, to give him the benefit of the doubt, he was simply showing his companion his appreciation for a full-body massage she must have given him and felt the need to express his contentment through a full-blown kiss – which the press must have misrepresented.

The reaction of Miss Sage was equally liberating.

Spotted with friends on the Greek island of Mykonas on Thursday, they were seen romantically engrossed in full view of other holidaymakers.

Sitting down at Nammos restaurant in Psarou Beach, a well-known resort surrounded by exclusive hotels, restaurants and tavernas, Miss Sage affectionately placed her hand on Clarkson’s back and head.

He cut a relaxed figure in floral shirt, blue shorts and driving loafers, without a single worry in the world, while Miss Sage wore a striking striped bikini and later changed into a white sun dress. The whole scenario was that of a couple enjoying a romantic tryst, unaware of the attention it might provoke or, for that matter, deliberately not caring at the publicity it will certainly invoke.

That, in itself, is an indication of the contiguity of their relationship.

Clarkson’s wife, Frances Cain, appeared not to be around and the apparent intimacy between him and Miss Sage raised serious questions over the status of his marriage.

Clarkson and Miss Sage, who met at the BBC Motoring Show, have previously denied claims of an affair. Last November, pictures appeared in a tabloid newspaper of the two during a ‘romantic city break’ in Rome, where they reportedly stayed at the £650-a-night Hotel De Russie.

Moralising in such bizarre cases is hard, but all I can say is love is blind, and its consequences are sometimes hurtful to so many. With love, you cannot be wise. It transports you to No Man’s Land, and often turns into a calamitous end. But those who risk all for its sake derive a certain pleasure, for love is a sweet torment. It is a kind of sensual flagellation that, once addicted to, is infernally difficult to evict.

Clarkson must know what he’s risking. Family considerations and loyalties are at stake here. I wish the man happy landing.

2 responses to “Jeremy Clarkson: A Man on the March

  1. The wife, if she wishes to continue her marriage, should affect indifference and indulgence, and leave it to the mistress to have jealous fits.

    To file for divorce would be just so predictable.


  2. Nice idea, and I’d agree – if there was any chance that Clarkon might change, or if the children were still small – but the man’s an arrogant pig. Mrs Clarkson should get out and move on as soon as possible. It’s not about jealousy, it’s about avoiding the humiliation, public or otherwise. She should walk tall, take a fair settlement and get the hell out. Don’t waste a minute more on this lowlife.