Simon Cowell

Has Simon Cowell met his match?

Simon Cowell’s latest escapade must cause him great anguish. He is I am sure more aware than anybody that after a fling of that nature he must watch for the sting. They say, if the bed could tell all it knows, it would put many to the blush.

In his case, his lifestyle together with people’s fecund imagination is enough to unravel deadlier secrets – even if the bed remains silent.

Becoming a father at fifty-three is certainly an event to be celebrated. But the celebration is likely to be short-lived if we are to believe newspaper reports about his lover and the mother-to-be, Lauren Silverman, the wife of his friend Andrew.

Apparently Simon unwisely began his affair with the married socialite years before she became pregnant with his baby and while she was still with her husband.

The cuckolded husband has privately branded their ten-year marriage as ‘a fraud’, amid allegations she was unfaithful throughout their relationship.

It is alleged that her clandestine relationship with the music mogul even led to his decision to break off his engagement to Mezhgan Hussainy in February 2012.

The scandal is likely to cause legal tremors, now that Mr Silverman has accused his wife of ‘cruel and inhuman’ behaviour towards him in divorce papers and is said to be preparing for a ‘scorched-earth’ fight with his wife and her new man.

Simon’s sexual insouciance is now coming back to haunt him. Not only does he find himself embroiled in a highly publicised, below-the-belt battle with her betrayed husband, he will also have to cope with the demands of a woman who believes that she has ‘bagged the elephant’.

According to people who know her well, she’s greedy for money and has a limitless yearning for power. The question that arises is whether she would be able to cow the titan into submission – or will she find herself thwarted and left to rue the day? Has she over inflated her ambitions, feeling she had the upper hand as a result of her pregnancy?

On the other hand, Simon will have to control his penis as well as be more selective in the women he sleeps with. His chain-smoking, which he considers to be a pleasurable addiction, is enough of a health hazard without compounding it with unbridled sexual games which often lead to disaster.

He must also remember that women and wine, game and deceit, make the wealth small and the wants great.

He should know, being the astute tycoon he is – and having amassed a large fortune – that to be bamboozled at his own game would be a major setback to his burgeoning ego.

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  1. Naim,
    Thank you for your informed alternative view on the meeting of matches (S.C antics).I enjoyed reading your article with pleasure and can only feel that that for mature men there is probably an important message to learn for all men and matching in relationships.

    Robert Rebec