A Woman a Week

Laura Shields

Laura Shields shows the reason why she was chosen to star in Justin Timberlake’s raunchy ‘Tunnel Vision’ music video as she sexily poses in a hat.

Born 19th September 1984 in Oldham, Greater Manchester, and brought up in neighbouring Rochdale to a Sri Lankan mother and an English father, she was signed to a leading modelling agency before her fifteenth birthday. She went on to become Miss UK International and represented the UK in Miss International 2004, placing in the top ten, and was the third runner-up in Miss Europe 2005.

Variation on a Theme 1

She was a model on the NBC show Deal or No Deal, holding case number twenty-two for Season Two. Listed in Stuff magazine’s ‘101 Sexiest Women Online’ in 2005, she has appeared in numerous glossy magazines.

She stopped modelling to concentrate on her schooling, earning a Master’s in chemical engineering from Leeds University and is now a member of the high IQ society, MENSA.

Variation on a Theme 2

As well as being endowed with a sharp and brilliant brain her features reflect a tropically honed sensuality that defines softness intermingled with a whiff of erotic vibration. Her beauty is measured through her change of mood and a resonant eye-catching self-confidence.

For me she has a magical vibe that is all absorbing and could lead to a sexual affinity where body and brain join forces to transport one’s fantasies into a fulfilling reality, undulating in the breeze of what is termed ‘forbidden territory.’

Variation on a Theme 3

For sheer imagination I choose her as my woman of the week, because her body has the hallmark: ‘Made in Britain is Best’.

Able-bodied young men might hanker to push my fancifulness to more tangible heights. I dare not. My age will put paid to my withering ambition. For me, dreaming is a safer option.

2 responses to “A Woman a Week

  1. I am a little surprised, this is more to be expected from the daily sport.

    Objectifying women does not put you ‘ outside the mainstream’, it puts you smack bang in the middle of ‘women are only as good as their beauty and of no other value’ context.
    Out of interest, how do you evaluate the talent of your women writers? Are they required to be naked?


  2. Judging by the astonishing nature of the text around these photos, the guy can’t be a good judge of quality writing. Best avoid Quartet books.