The Catholic Church Has Lost Its Way

The Catholic Church is now riddled with scandals, mostly of a sexual nature.

The last few years have been an eye-opener to what goes on within the closed doors of the Catholic Establishment throughout the world. No countries seem to have escaped this widespread debauchery among the Catholic clergy and in some cases involving children in their care.

To top it all Carmelo Abbate, an investigative reporter in Rome, provoked a sensation when he went undercover at gay sex parties for priests in the Vatican.

His tales of clergymen having casual sex in a men-only sauna using ‘rent boys’ and indulging in sado-masochistic encounters became a 2011 book, titled Sex and the Vatican. His work has now gained more credibility and respect after Pope Francis confirmed the existence of a ‘gay lobby’ in the Vatican. ‘Finally the whole truth is coming out,’ Mr Abbate said. ‘The Pope is saying not only that there is a strong gay component in the church but also that this strong component has in some way influenced the church’.

Mr Abbate, who works for Italy’s Panorama News magazine, is convinced that the struggle with the gay network in the Roman curia lies behind Benedict XVI’s unusual decision to retire in February.

Benedict had commissioned a three-hundred-page inquiry into the curia by three eminent cardinals after the ‘vatileaks’ scandal in which his butler passed secret papal papers to an Italian journalist.

Leaks to the Italian press suggest that the report known in Latin as the Relatio (Narration) contains allegations of a gay lobby of senior prelates in the Vatican, who are in effect blackmailed into steering jobs and business to their lay male friends.

Mr Abbate estimates that thirty per cent of the Catholic clergy in the Vatican are homosexual and says some supposedly gay cardinals are known by female nicknames such as ‘Jessica’ and ‘Samantha’. At one gay sex party he attended, posing as the boyfriend of a homosexual friend he counted five priests. ‘They are priests in the Vatican. One of them celebrated mass in St Peter’s for Pope Benedict,’ he said.

Homosexual behaviour has, on occasion, surfaced at the heart of the staunchly anti-gay Catholic Church.

In Britain, Scotland’s Cardinal Keith O’Brien was caught up in a scandal after admitting that he made homosexual advances on other priests. He withdrew from the conclave that elected the new Pope and is now doing penance at a retreat.

Just recently it was reported that Italian prosecutors are investigating explosive claims about gay orgies involving a senior prelate – ‘stripped off and surrounded with six or seven boys’, the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano quoted a source as saying.

La Stampa revealed for instance that a Vatican diplomat had been caught in bed with another man and fired from the diplomatic corps, only to become a bishop some years later.

At this rate, perhaps it is not too late for Berlusconi, the champion of the Bunga Bunga parties, to turn to the priesthood. He would find much to amuse him and perhaps keep him away from politics.

Nothing today is beyond the ingenuity of man, who seeks to demonise for his own end the sanctity of the institution of the church and its teachings.

No wonder people are deserting religion in their droves, trying to find solace in Scientology or the occult that takes us back to the Dark Ages.

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