The Sally Bercow Saga

The news that Sally Bercow was found guilty by a high court judge of libelling Lord McAlpine is not in the least surprising.

I have always considered the wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons to be a hugely irresponsible woman who will stop at nothing to promote herself, even when such promotion is discreditable to her image and that of her poor suffering husband.

Her tweet about the Conservative peer was certainly hurtful to him and I’m sure must have caused much grief and heartache.

Her reluctance to accept guilt and apologise unreservedly to him before the case ended in litigation is yet another measure of her capricious character and her constant manipulation of the press in order to hog the limelight.

Although I’m not happy as a matter of course to add to her miseries, especially now that she is down, I can’t however much I try to sympathise with her predicament. This is a woman who has repeatedly provoked the conventional norm, and in my view flaunted herself at one time to look a sex siren by posing provocatively in suggestive attire, finding herself rather forlorn without many friends to comfort her or to come to her succour.

I hope that Lord McAlpine, who throughout his ordeal behaved with great composure and dignity, will now in his triumph show magnanimity and save her from total ruination.

The silly woman, however irritating and crass she might be, deserves a last chance to pick herself up and mend her errant ways. I pray that the lesson of her downfall will prove her eventual salvation.

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