Thought for the Day

Why do we struggle to accumulate money?

And why is it that the more we accumulate the more we want?

I have thought about it for many years, and have not yet found a definite answer.

The positive side of money is that it enables people to live comfortably, educate their children properly and give them the best chance in life, help charities if they are so inclined, and get the best available medical attention – especially when they need it in old age.

It also widens their knowledge by being able to travel and see how the rest of the world lives.

The negative side is that money becomes an obsession with most people, changes their character, often in a detrimental sense – and they become more selfish and start believing that they are not as rich as they would like to be.

That’s a major problem because, to them, infinity in money terms is unwittingly their objective.

The one who has a billion-pound fortune compares himself to one with several billion pounds, and it goes on forever. There is no limit to greed as far as money is concerned. And, believe it or not, a lot of the mega rich are under the illusion that they can take it with them when death knocks at their door.

Perhaps someone who is more learned than the rest of us – and by supposition wiser – will unlock this mystery that baffles me.

To him I throw down the gauntlet, not only for my benefit but also for the benefit of others, who find themselves as confused and perturbed as I am.

One response to “Thought for the Day

  1. Money is merely a means of exchange. If you empower it with more than that you are living in fear. Fear is what feeds the machine of repression. We exist in an infinite expanding universe. Creativity is the methodology to put egotism aside and foster life. If you are hung-up on acquisition and the myth of security learn to meditate to release yourself from the various wraps humanity uses to defeat our species, destroy Earth, and perpetuate avarice stupidity.