A Woman a Week: Cara Delevingne

She’s everywhere: the toast of the fashion world; the impish darling of the press, who monitor every move she makes; a grimace here and there, a pulling of the tongue, a wink, a body movement, a gesture that speaks volumes – all this is embodied within the framework of Cara Delevingne, the supermodel who has become the undisputed queen of the catwalk.

Every fashion house is enthralled of this cupid, whose sudden emergence has electrified everything around her. She works hard during the day and plays equally hard during the night. She needs very little sleep, and despite burning the candle at both ends she somehow defies the rule of gravity and looks fresh whenever she appears.

Her energy seems unmeasurable and her love of life is hard to equate with the norm.

She’s obviously sharp-witted and talented, and despite being a bundle of fun she knows where she’s going.

According to the latest reports, Cara is now set to fulfil her musical aspirations. Rita Ora, her close friend and patron saint, has agreed to take Cara under her wing, guide her in the studio in the coming months, and have her as a guest on a track with the woman she affectionately calls ‘my wifey’.

An insider claims that Cara’s singing voice is a lot better than anyone has imagined. She has already started sessions in LA, and played Rita a few songs she’s come up with. A first single will soon be released online.

Rita has promised to head into the recording studio with Cara to create a fun pop track together as an overture to Cara’s singing ambitions.

That’s not the whole story. Cara has already secured the services of an acting agent in Hollywood with a view to hitting the big screen. There is nothing within sight that escapes her attention and eventual clutches.

She’s a young lady whose destiny is mapped out by none other than herself. Her rise to stardom is self-assured, for the gods have smiled upon her in a myriad of ways.

That’s my reason for choosing her as my woman of the week.

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