The Catholic Church at the Crossroads

The Catholic Church is becoming fair game and is being attacked on all fronts.

Firstly for not reacting sooner and more decisively on sexual scandals involving priests who abused children in their care, and secondly for the cover-up of the extent of the abuse. It is hardly surprising that its flock of worshippers are no longer willing to abide by its teachings.

Celibacy in priests is perhaps the main cause of it all. Unless you allow the clergy some kind of sexual liberation, the church is bound to be an easy target for condemnation which I dare say is self-inflicted.

Sexual impulses are hard to suppress unless of course anybody joining the priesthood is automatically castrated. That would cause uproar as much as female mutilation practised in Africa and some parts of the Far East, which is now considered a total breach of female human rights and a crime against humanity.

The more sensible approach for the church to take is to allow priests to marry and enjoy sexual congress and the comfort of raising a family. That’s what I believe God has ordained.

The new Pope is facing a barrage of criticism for being an Argentinian because of the question of the disputed sovereignty of the Falkland Islands. This is incredibly unjustified and whoever uses this pretext to demean the papacy should be taken to task and severely admonished. The Pope is not a politician and should not be treated as such. He is the spiritual leader of millions of Catholics throughout the world and should be respected for the seal of office he holds.

But reforming the church should now be his premiere task. It is his golden opportunity to revive the church and bring it up to date with the evolution of learning, science and the unlocking of some of the great mysteries of the universe.

Two thousand years since the birth of Christianity, things have moved on at a pace that could never have been visualised. The church must follow suit and readjust itself before it loses credibility as a force for enlightenment and harmonious living. Goodness will then ensue naturally without fear of purgatory and the sizzling fires of hell.

The world will then become a better place to live in and perhaps a little paradise can be found on earth as opposed to the ultimate one in heaven.

Let us in any case dream about a fairytale existence where happiness replaces misery, poverty is abolished and suffering is consigned to oblivion. Then when death knocks at our door, we would have at least sampled some of the joys of what the gods call eternal living.

Dream on, as some people will say, but why not is my simple repartie.

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