A Doting Mother Who Went Wrong

Mothers who dote on their daughters are often causing them unintended harm.

Jennifer Lopez already had the name of her idol, the US pop star. And before she was sixteen, she also had the figure to match – thanks to plastic surgery paid for by her mother. Her younger sister, Karen, was next. Their mother Lesley has now spent twenty thousand pounds on cosmetic surgery for her two daughters.

The result was far from satisfactory. Both now regret having gone under the knife when they were so young because their artificially enhanced bottoms and breasts make them an easy target for unwanted attention.

Karen, twenty, said: ‘My bum is now so big it’s kind of a curse because guys in clubs always want to have a feel of it. Even girls want a photo next to it. My body attracts everyone – I get too much attention and it annoys me.’

Her sister Jennifer, twenty-three, who has a young son, added: ‘Sometimes it’s too much. Men keep beeping their horns and whistle at me, even come up and touch my bum. I also get a lot of attention off women. They ask me if my bum is real and if they can touch it. It can be uncomfortable.’

Jennifer was the first to have surgery, a breast enlargement to increase her cup size from A to C when she was 15. She then had an operation which involved having liposuction on her stomach and the fat pumped into her bottom.

Jennifer, a size twelve, said: ‘I envied curvy women like the US pop star but my mother said I had to wait until I was eighteen before I underwent any surgery. My curves had to develop first. But I wanted the result straight away and I kept demanding until my mother agreed a year later.’

Karen, a size eight, started even younger. She had a nose job at fourteen and a breast enhancement. She eventually persuaded her mother to use her savings and money earned through a cleaning job to pay for a liposuction and bottom enlargement operation like her sister.

Most of the surgeries were done in Colombia where their parents migrated from shortly before Karen was born. They now live in Camberwell, South London.

It beggars belief that a well-meaning and hard-working mother will sacrifice her savings to let her two daughters literally deform their bodies and thus unknowingly rob them of their teenage years – turning them into fully grown women with artificially enhanced breasts and protruding bottoms, and for what?

The daughters now admit that their new bodies are a curse. The tragedy is what awaits them in the future and what will happen to their superficially overblown bodies when old age knocks at their door.

The sagging of bits will not be a pretty sight to behold. Nature will then have its revenge, which I hope will be more of a rebuke than a punishment for their folly is but a youthful bungling.

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  1. The quality of motherhood in the West is egregious.