The Duke of Cambridge must become his Own Man

Since Prince William got married, a touch of arrogance has surfaced, a trait that was not there before. His character underwent change and a new sensitivity became apparent which was not in evidence.

I think his outburst when pictures of his topless wife first appeared in the press and his subsequent legal action proved one of two things: either he was ill-advised or he found an opportunity to flex his royal muscles. Whichever it was, the decision was catastrophic. He should have shrugged off the whole incident and refrained from making provocative comments. Wiser counsel should have prevailed and did not.

To protect his wife is understandable, but given who he is, he should have been more careful in affording easy access to the press – especially when on a private visit. His minders have certainly failed him on this occasion.

Publicity, which royals love, is a double-edged sword that can enhance one’s image or destroy it. To over-react when you are in his position is viewed with some malaise.

A modern wife such as the Duchess of Cambridge, who is not by any standard considered coy, whose courting with Prince William was not in the least restrained and in full blaze of worldwide publicity, should henceforth be more aware of her position and watch more carefully what she wears or doesn’t wear – especially that she is now pregnant.

She cannot be a fashion icon without attracting undue attention. Add to it her parents – who are overcrowding the royal pair and seeking publicity for themselves with an unusual and sometimes embarrassing zest, given that their son in law is a future king – puts the whole scenario in a less than favourable light. Their influence on the young couple is rather disturbing and their profile is much too high for comfort.

Prince William should try and lessen their involvement – or some might call it their intrusion – and keep them at a proper distance. Otherwise the present situation will become untenable.

The prince needs to assert himself more and create his own distinct personality, and take much less notice of the clique of royal hangers-on whose advice he should ignore.

Go for it William and show them the stuff you are made of. And remember, never to lose your cool and keep your wife’s top in harness.

3 responses to “The Duke of Cambridge must become his Own Man

  1. Cherri Gilham

    Sorry Naim, but on this occasion you’re talking a load of tosh. IMHO


    • Naim Attallah

      Dear Cherri
      If you care to expound on your comment perhaps I might learn to avoid talking a load of tosh in the future.
      Best wishes,



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