Thought for the Day

As I reflect on my life, on the first days of the New Year, a feeling of foreboding knocks at my door.

Where am I bound after a blessed life spanning over eighty years that saw me grow from a sickly child to a man whose destiny has taken him to places he never dreamt of?

Cocooned as the only boy in the family on whose shoulders responsibilities were to weigh heavily, I traversed uncharted territories to forge a living as well as some recognition to provide my life with an objective and a meaning that will sustain me in my twilight years.

The ups and downs, the struggles that shape one’s character, all contribute to make us robust in facing the turmoils of an existence that spares no one – not even those born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

As a young boy I experienced hardships as well as the great comfort of a love from two old ladies I worshipped and looked upon as the salt of the earth. There isn’t a single day that passes without their memories flickering on the screen of my mind, keeping me alert to their watchful eyes, which have followed me since the day they departed from this earth to their next journey onward. Their guidance has been and will always be my most treasured gift, without which my life would have been devoid of any real purpose.

The route left for me to negotiate is cobbled with uncertainties. Will I spend the rest of my days thinking of the inevitable, that life must end, or will I muster my energies to keep my resourceful mind focused on the things that I can still do as to perhaps a creative notion, or a concept, that will trigger a new obsession to learn more or discover something I missed for all those years?

All I know is I am not yet ready to fade away into oblivion; the rest that awaits me is still clouded in mystery and I would rather it remain so for surprise and challenge are to me the essence of a life well spent.

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