Anne Dunhill and A Darker Shade of Love

Anne Dunhill, once the scion of the Dunhill Empire, grew up as an attractive young woman to become a successful model in the 1960s.

She then led the Bohemian Life where extravagance and fast living became an integral feature in all she did. She had a string of lovers, two of whom became her husbands and bore her children. Her life veered from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Anita, who became a favourite daughter before her untimely death from cancer, was the subject of a memoir which we published this year. It is a tragic story that goes to the very core of a relationship between mother and daughter that had its problems to begin with, then culminated in a rare and passionate love that can best be described as the ultimate progression from estrangement to unparalleled closeness.

Anne was marred by a marriage to a violent and decadent man who demeaned her sexually in every possible way and transformed her life into a hellish kind of existence where servitude to his abominable perversion became her addiction.

She tried to leave him on numerous occasions but could not. His hold on her was satanic and despite the humiliation it brought in its wake, she remained enslaved to him until he grew to despise her for her complete subjugation. When eventually she could no longer bear his taunts and violence they divorced.

Anne then took to writing where she chronicled in fictional form (for legal reasons) her traumatic life with her husband in her first novel, A Darker Shade of Love, published in paperback in 1991. In the factional novel, she tells in harrowing detail the sort of compulsive sexual shenanigans that took place at the beginning of their relationship, gradually growing in intensity and variation, ending up in the worst possible human degradation.

Her story puts in the shade other erotic novels that are now flying of the bookshop shelves.

Anne’s book, unlike some others of its genre, is very well written, has literary value as well as a warning message to the new generation of women with a more liberal disposition. Although sex is the blood life of all our being, without which we become inane and rather bereft of any real feelings, its abuse is soul-destroying and can lead to a deadly addiction that robs you of your dignity and self-esteem.

To this new generation, I say be warned. Men can be cruel and brutally uncaring when sex plays a crucial role in their lives. For this reason alone you must read Anne’s brave and compelling book, A Darker Shade of Love, now exclusively available on Kindle.

I’m certain you will be shocked and gripped at the same time. Even perhaps – to put it mildly – unwittingly titillated, despite the narrative’s dire consequences.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to read a story unveiled for the first time as a biographical shocker that beggars belief.

A Darker Shade of Love, published exclusively for Kindle on 1st December at £2.99, will be 99p all this week on Amazon. Click here to download.

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