Militancy puts Femininity to Shame

Is women’s militancy a thing of the past or are we still seeing traces of it when it suits?

I recently encountered a barrage of scurrilous abuse because I dared suggest in an article I had written that I was pleased some heterosexual women contestants did very well in the London Olympics.

Hell broke loose as a result and I was accused of being a bigot among other more vociferous names which were hurled at me.

The outcry centred around the use of the word ‘heterosexual’ which they found totally demeaning and unacceptable. Why mention their sexuality? they howled, as if I had committed a mortal sin. Are they necessarily better, I retorted, than women with different sexual preferences?

On the contrary, lesbians are often more successful and competitive in sport, and normally physically stronger. It is simply a matter of fact – something which appears to have eluded this bandette of protesters.

I mention this incident only because I notice occasionally to my utter dismay that militancy is not restricted to men alone but is often as pronounced in women, who I might add have achieved a remarkable ascendancy in our liberal and equitable society over the past few decades.

As sexuality in all its dimensions is not sneered at any longer, why is this uncalled for sensitivity beginning to surface when so much has been done to eradicate prejudice and create a climate of tolerance never achieved before?

Are we by any stretch of the imagination determined to wreck all that by flexing our muscles and causing dissension for the hell of it?

Political correctness, I’m sorry to say, has not helped matters. Its intentions might have been admirably conceived but in practice has gagged free speech and dented some of the tenets of a free society. It has also encouraged militancy as a means to air and protect their God-given right to dictate and interpret what seems to them as a smear on their class, which in reality is not the case.

Even J.K. Rowling in her latest novel has, despite her wealth and privilege, sought to stir up hostility towards the middle classes who, as she has now revealed, she despises.

If that is not militancy what is it then?

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