Husband & Wife In Focus

Elton John, who squanders money like there is no tomorrow and is reputed to have said once about his manic habit of spending ‘I am not a rainy day person’, is planning the ultimate fiftieth birthday celebration for his husband David Furnish.

His budget for such an extravagant bash is rumoured to be in excess of £2million. Four days of celebrations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas will herald a milestone in a spending spree that will grip the showbiz fraternity with its ostentatious decadence at a time when the world is shaken by unrest and a global financial crisis.

The rich live in a different sphere than ours and are not bashful in displaying insensitivity to gratify a whimsical desire to demonstrate their stardom, whatever the cost.

But what’s beyond doubt is the close love between these two men, who seem to be so romantically attached as to make heterosexual love pale into insignificance. They write love letters to each other every week and are proud to call themselves husband and wife.

Gay love seems to have no boundaries. It can be so intense and overwhelming, often marked by fits of jealousy and tantrums, reminiscent of the great love stories in the historical archives of romantic tragedies normally between people of different genders – rarely between two men or for that matter women.

Human passion and sexuality are both a complex subject that has bewildered men and women of letters throughout the ages, and will continue to do so until the end of time.

Elton John is at least aware of his mortality, unlike a lot of the miserly rich, who refuse to part with any of their wealth even when death is at the door. Elton seems to know better. He spends his money while he can and leaves his fate to destiny and the hereafter.

Good luck to him, and happy landing.

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