The Perils of Back-Peddling

Despite the overwhelming evidence that his chief whip in Parliament abused a policeman, who prevented him from cycling through the security gates leading to Downing Street, the Prime Minister is steadfast in his support for his boorish culprit – notwithstanding the public outcry that followed.

If he continues to back-peddle before taking stern action to demonstrate to the nation that his government will not tolerate such appalling behaviour ,under any circumstances, then he will pay a heavy price for his misplaced doggedness, which he should use to more dignified and important causes.

I say that with all the goodwill in the world, for I feel that his record so far in choosing members of his inner circle has been flawed on a number of occasions, which leads us to believe that he is less than streetwise.

A PM requires a multiple of skills and should not be swayed by outward appearances of success, or the old school tie.

We have had enough of Labour and their ideology for over twelve years, and it would be much too painful if they were to return to make our lives unbearably regimented and dull.

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