My Weekend Review

The Tory toffs who believe in their right to rule are coming out of the woodwork.

Not at any time before have we seen such arrogance displayed by second-rate politicians who think they are of a privileged class above the rest of us. And is it coincidental that they form the coterie of a close rank of MPs, who make up the PM’s circle of advisers and hangers-on?

What has gone wrong when the emergence of David Cameron at the outset, with his youthful zest, was the hope of the nation after having endured the likes of Tony Blair for ten years, to be followed by Gordon Brown, whose tenure was as divisive and catastrophic as his shameless predecessor.

Cameron’s reckless choice of people to fill high positions in his government is at the root of the problem.

The latest incident involving the Chief Whip is the coup de grace, so to speak, in his litany of mishaps. According to press reports, Andrew Mitchell – a foul-mouthed, rather unpleasant fellow, who it seems inhabits a world of his own – abuses a policeman when stopped from cycling through the gates of Downing Street. The rant that followed was apparently so disgusting and threatening that it has caused uproar, not only in Westminster but throughout the land.

His neighbours in Islington, where he lives, talk about him in a derogatory fashion because of his insolence and rather haughty manner.

How can we possibly, I ask, tolerate such people who hold high public office, and let them off the hook as long as they apologise for their actions?

The Prime Minister will certainly shoot himself in the foot if he does not sack him without further ado. Any contrition shown by his chief whip will not in this case wipe the slate clean.

* * *

Lady Gaga is a phenomenon that now betrays signs of fading.

Her excesses have so far appealed to a new generation of hedonistic admirers, who worship those defying tradition and bringing something new to the world of entertainment. The more outrageous they act, the more their fans multiply.

Lady Gaga’s latest gig in Amsterdam, showing her smoking cannabis on stage, is to some a provocative extension of her groovy antics. To others, perhaps, a liberation of some sort.

However, what I found intolerably off-putting was her semi-naked outfit, showing her black leather thong and fishnets, surrounded by rolls of fat, revealing a most disgusting bottom that would give sexual desire a bad name.

I am glad I’ve reached an age where such an ugly spectacle has a negative effect on me – unless, of course, a beautiful feminine form in all its glory invades the eyes, to rekindle a passion that has become rather dormant but remains still a dreamy and lingering one.

* * *

Karl Lagerfeld is going potty in his old age.

Once the great arbiter of taste, his egotism is now leading him to areas where his views cannot be taken seriously.

Apropos the Middletons, he thinks Pippa should expose her back and not her front. As for her mother, he regards her as a very sexy woman.

Is he by any chance talking out of turn?

Pippa’s front is not to be sneered at, although her back – especially her pert, wiggling bottom – is certainly more enticing. What he should have said is that her greatest asset lies at the rear.

On the subject of her mother, how can a gay man assess her sexual appeal – unless he is sexually ambidextrous and keeps it under wraps.

What is beyond doubt about Mrs Middleton is the fact that she is well dressed, competes with her two daughters to look as young, which does not always work – but at least she makes a conscious effort.

However, her looks do not quite betray her sexuality as he seems to indicate – but who knows? Sex and gay men are a phenomena of nature, hard to understand or decipher. They are definitely more creative than heterosexuals, who lack their stamina, sexual thrust, and improvisation.

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