Maeve Binchy

I’m very sad to hear about the death of Irish writer Maeve Binchy, at the age of seventy-two.

Back in 1978 Quartet published her first book of short stories,Central Line, about Irish women using the London Underground and the array of tales they had to tell.

For the cover, we used a picture of my attractive secretary Suzanna Crean (now Vickery) to give the book an added visual impetus.

Two years later we published Maeve’s second collection, Victoria Line, on the same theme – but this time around we used a picture of Jody Boulting, of the Boulting brothers, who happened to be working at Quartet.

This enterprising spirit has remained with us ever since, both in terms of cover creativity and the discovery of new talent – which would later move to more lucrative ground.

Quartet has always been proud of nurturing future great authors at a time when no one else within the Establishment was willing to give them a sporting chance. Maeve Binchy was one of many who will cement our pride in having the courage to back our intuitive sense rather than play it safe for purely commercial reasons.

She will certainly be missed.

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