Chelsea Wives and their Mistresses

A new novel, Chelsea Wives and their Mistresses by Sarah Bramley, depicts a London scene where heterosexual women engage in clandestine love affairs with other women.

Is it a passing fad, or simply a sexual innovation destined to be acceptable in an era where gay marriage is about to be made legal?

To get to grips with reality read this compulsive first novel by an attractive young author, who dares to divulge an aspect of women who burn the candle at both ends and seem to enjoy the decadence of living dangerously.

As usual, Quartet is at the forefront of publishing intelligent works likely to cause a flurry of interest – and possibly condemnation by the puritanical element in our society.

Published and be damned has always been our motto.

2 responses to “Chelsea Wives and their Mistresses

  1. Just read about this on the Evening Standards and it made me come looking for more. Can’t wait to read it.
    Published and be damned indeed.


  2. Apologies – it was on