Glowing Reviews for Quartet Titles

Two new Quartet titles have received glowing reviews in the last few days.

Homeless Rats, by Ahmed Fagih – ‘Libya’s greatest living writer’, according to the Guardian – featured on the Arabic blog Mashallah News.

‘The beauty with Homeless Rats is how it connects the past to the present. Fagih’s saga of life in the Libyan desert does what good reads do: it touches upon the essence of a place. And the place, Jandouba, is not only the scene of a fictitious dispute over barley, but also of a battle in 1913 between colonising Italians and thousands of locals without any modern military hardware. This Jandouba tale of bedouins and jerboas struggling for survival comes at a perfect occasion. What better time to speak about courage and bravery in Libya?’

You can read the full review by clicking here.

While Made in Britain, the second novel from Gavin James Bower, was reviewed in the Huffington Post.

‘A subtle yet powerful insight into the type of youngsters society normally marginalises … there is an Orwellian anger about this book that makes it hard to put down.’

The review in its entirety is here.

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