Come Dancing Revelations

The spirit of the late Mrs Whitehouse is frowning down on us again.

The BBC has received a number of complaints about the skimpy dress outfits worn by many of the female contestants on Strictly Come Dancing.

These spoilsports are by nature hypocritical, for deep down the problem has to be that they are titillated by the sight of beautiful young people displaying exquisitely toned bodies.

In other words, it’s the old puritanical streak coming back on line.

They should try going to Argentina to watch the equivalent show there, called Dancing for a Dream.
According to a report in the Sun, it recently stunned viewers with a routine from a model and her partner dressed in skimpy Roman outfits which they shed as part of their presentation, culminating in an unscripted touch as the model unintentionally lost her knickers.

The Argentinian TV watchdogs are on the case, they will be reassured to know.

It was in fact a raunchy but pleasantly dramatic moment, as the pictures of it show.

But a discreet word of warning should go to our participants in the UK original: the less you wear the more you must ensure that your knickers don’t let you down in the middle of a twirl.

You’ll only be handing a lot of stupid fodder to the minority of viewers who would like to censor our pleasures.

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