The Trend in Husband-Bashing

Eleonora Bekova, a world-class pianist, was arrested recently after allegedly beating up her husband at her home near Clapham Common.

It is a shame, and rather worrying, that the number of women convicted for domestic violence in England and Wales has risen sharply in the last five years.

The data suggests that the gentle sex is no longer as gentle as we have been led to believe.

Far from it, according to the CPS. Nearly 4,000 women were successfully prosecuted last year, against less than 1,500 in 2005.

Do these figures mean that battering men has now become the new fashionable sport for the opposite sex? Or is it the latest trend for women to totally control their partners with whatever means they have at their disposal?

The war of the sexes, as with much else these days, has taken an ugly face.

Throughout history, women were loved and admired for their nurturing qualities and their caring attitudes. It was always men whose boorish behaviour made them the perpetrators of violence in the home.

Such a reversal of roles would be a tragedy if we now see women adopting the most negative aspects of male behaviour.

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