Peace in the Middle East

I cannot fathom the media or the politicians.

If they truly want peace in the Middle East, why not try first to acknowledge that people in Gaza are as important as the ones living on the West Bank?

Without the accord of both, no peace is feasible.

Why, therefore, waste time on backing one side and refusing to legitimise the other? It is sheer hypocrisy to pretend that peace can be achieved while ignoring the aspirations of a large bulk of the Palestinian people.

It is so sad to see that politicians in particular live in a world of their own. Simply look at what happened in Iraq, and what’s happening now in Afghanistan.

The picture is very clear: it makes no sense at all yet they continue to feed us with nonsensical reasons for their being engaged in bloody conflicts in far away regions of the world, where the chance of success is almost nil.

Reality is something that they do not grasp, nor I am afraid will they learn from history.

How stupid can we get, in an age of great learning?

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