Foxy Knoxy

Next month lawyers for Amanda Knox, often referred to as ‘Foxy Knoxy’, will begin an appeal against her conviction for murder.

Last year her trial in Perugia made headline news the world over. She was accused, with her Italian boyfriend, of killing her room-mate Meredith Kercher, who died  three years ago.

I followed the trial closely at the time, and had a hunch that she was innocent.

The evidence presented by the prosecution was, to my mind, not sufficient to convict her. In my view, as well as others, a British court would have dismissed the case, let alone found her guilty.

The whole affair is shrouded in mystery. The chief prosecutor, Giuliano Mignini, was determined willy-nilly to get a conviction, and became so obsessed with the case that one began to suspect his motives. He stood at the centre of the drama believing or feigning the belief that Meredith had been killed as part of a sexual, sacrificial rite.

Apparently, Mignini had drawn identicial conclusions before.

What makes matters worse is that his credibility is now under question. Since he secured the conviction he has been given a sixteen-month suspended sentence for abuse of power in another case.

A retired FBI agent by the name of Steve Moore has now surfaced, to tell the world that he believes Amanda was set up and most of the evidence presented by the prosecution is flawed. In his view, Amanda and her boyfriend could not have perpetrated the crime they are accused of. He cites many examples that do not withstand careful scrutiny.

Watching Amanda on my television screen during her trial, I was struck by her cool and controlled demeanour.  She has a rare charisma that gave her an angelic dimension hard to find in a girl of her age.

She looks desirable, sensual, and has all the attributes of a budding star. Photographers who covered the trial were beguiled by her looks and composure, and could hardly stop clicking their cameras to reflect her every move and expression.

I do not believe for a moment that Amanda is capable of murder, and I sincerely hope and pray that her conviction will be crushed on appeal.

‘Foxy Knoxy’ is a young lady to be reckoned with. I wish her well, and will be glad to have her as my friend on Facebook!

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