Israel, the Gaza Flotilla and Paul McGeough

It’s been confirmed that Paul McGeough, the well known Australian journalist and author of the highly successful Kill Khalid, published by Quartet Books last year, is being held in an Israeli prison.

He was part of the aid flotilla, which was boarded by Israeli troops on its way to Gaza.

Although the circumstances of why he and others have been detained are unclear, we can expect a detailed account, professionally told, by a master war correspondent, which will certainly shed some light on what has truly happened and who was  responsible for the carnage that followed.

It has also been reported that Henning Mankell, author of the bestselling Wallander series, suffered a similar fate.

With two such brilliant writers at the centre of this story, the truth will certainly surface.

2 responses to “Israel, the Gaza Flotilla and Paul McGeough

  1. jimmy dash

    With tension high on all sides, both sides would be wise to allow an investigation of this incident to proceed before rushing into highly charged accusations! This conflict can only be solved by each side giving up their traditional positions and considering (for once) the fate of the people and their future!


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