Thought for the Day

I’m glad to hear that Robin Birley, the son of Annabel’s founder Mark Birley, has decided to withdraw from his legal embroilment with Richard Caring, who strongly objected to the use of the Birley name for Robin’s proposed nightclub in Shepherd Market.

The club will now be known as Rupert’s, in memory of Robin’s elder brother, whose loss weighed heavily on every member of the Birley family.

Rupert was a great favourite of mine and here is what I wrote about him in my book, Fulfilment & Betrayal.

I first met Rupert Birley in 1982 at the home of our mutual friend Emma Sergeant. We used to meet regularly at Emma’s for coffee in the early mornings.

These were gatherings that I sorely missed after Rupert’s tragic disappearance on a beach off West Africa.

He was undoubtedly the embodiment of that cliché ‘the heart-throb of his generation’, whose good looks, poise, charm and outstanding intellect combined to set him apart from his peers.

All those who knew him well and grew to love him – among whom I count myself – were shattered by his loss, which happened when he was at the zenith of his youth with a life full of promise ahead of him.

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