Thought for the Day: Fergie the Loose Cannon

I have never been a great fan of the Royals, but today they have my sympathy.

Prince Andrew no doubt fell in love with Sarah Ferguson when he first met her. I reckon he must have been struck by a bolt of lightning to have married her. To me she always represented a vulgar barmaid in a cheap joint, who could never behave properly, let alone transform herself into a Royal. Her sexual antics in the public arena and her many indiscretions seem only to have become worse with the passage of time.

Her latest escapade shows her up as a pompous and greedy woman, who will stop at nothing to feed her insatiable obsession with money and fame. The Queen should have stripped her of her title long ago, and Prince Andrew should stop pandering to her whims.

Her two daughters indicated a while back that their role model in life happens to be their mother. If this is so, God save us from this new generation of spoilt Royals, all set to become a burden on the State as well as a socially useless lot, contributing nothing in return for the many privileges of their birth.

As the new government embarks on long overdue political reform, is it not high time that they extend their cleansing to these mini-Royals who bring shame to the very institution that sustains them?

In the meantime, Fergie should not be allowed to get away with this latest outrage. The repercussions of her actions will be far and wide, and will reflect badly on the environment in which we live.

Swift action is now needed to stop her in her tracks, before she inflicts further damage on the nation.

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