Thought for the Day

I am very pleased that the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties have agreed to form a coalition government.

The current global financial turbulence demands a unified approach to deal with the mounting debt, which will eventually cripple the nation unless it is curbed. If such a coalition succeeds as is hoped, we will see a new dawn on the political front, bringing more stability to the way we are governed.

For the past ten years the Labour government has robbed us of individual liberties under one pretext or another, turning the state into a police listening-post reminiscent of countries ruled by undemocratic means. Labour itself now needs time to retrench and reassess its priorities in relation to its roots, under whoever emerges as its new party leader.

With the rejection of New Labour by the electorate leaving no one party with a clear mandate to rule, the need for electoral reform becomes an undeniably pressing issue, not for its own sake, but for the benefit of the nation as a whole. This is why I applaud the new transformation of our political thinking. A one-party majority encourages an over-dogmatic approach to sensitive issues and should be confined to history. Civil liberties, which are at the very core of our democratic system, will henceforth be carefully preserved, and a better, more balanced approach to policies, reflecting the will of the majority, is more likely to be adopted.

David Cameron and Nick Clegg are both reformers in their own fashion. They also represent a younger face in politics and seem to get on well together. Their hammering out of common ground gives real hope that we will see a much needed change to bring the political ethos back to a more acceptable level, and restore its lost prestige and respectability. The more extreme ideology of the Conservative right will be kept in check by this combination of forces from the middle ground. Ideologies are out of fashion in a situation that requires a flexible, open-minded approach.

I believe that the outcome of the general election has paved the way for a political renaissance, which will reinvigorate politics in a way that could never have been possible in the past twenty years. There is also the prospect that the younger generation will once again become engaged in political thinking and bring in fresh, progressive ideas, rather than continue the trend of retreating into feelings of alienation.

Let us hope, too, that political correctness, as advocated by Labour, will equally be reformed to ensure that the great British traditions of free speech and a sense of humour suffer no further erosion.

One response to “Thought for the Day

  1. What a brilliant summary – one now has hopes for the future at Westminster even though it’s going to be a very stormy ride. It’s a pity that the cabinet is so ‘white upper class male’ and one hopes the new young leaders will address this.