The Blood Countess

In a time of war, intrigue and superstition, Elizabeth Bathory was the most powerful woman in Hungary. Beautiful and witty, she was feared and loathed as few other women in history have been.

In this chilling novel a perverse and debauched life is recreated. Six hundred and fifty young women are said to have died for the Countess’s pleasure.

Coming to power at the age of sixteen, she embarked on a life of revelry and decadence. But time and excess left their marks and so the Countess took the counsel of her witches and bathed in the blood of a virgin to renew her vigour and beauty. Thus began the procession of young girls chosen to ‘spend the night’ with Elizabeth. Some were entertained, wrapped in silks and massaged with oils, others dispatched with brutal indifference; all bled to death for their mistress’s vanity.

In present day New York, Drake Bathory Kereshtur, a descendant of the Countess, is sent by his newspaper editor to cover the collapse of the Communist regime. What he uncovers is far more disturbing: the all-pervasive presence of his ancestor, the Countess Bathory.

Drawn ever deeper into conflicts he cannot control, he will return to New York to confess a hideous crime.

The Blood Countess will frost your plasma, curdle your goulash and stir your nightmares with a golden shiv.’ Tom Robbins

The Blood Countess, by Andrei Codrescu, has now been made into a film by the delectable Julie Delpy, who stars in the leading role. And La Comtesse, I’m delighted to tell you, has just opened in Paris to rave reviews.

For a sneak peak, here is the trailer:

Get your hands on a copy of the book here, if you dare…

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