The Best Physiotherapists in Town!

Two years ago I had an operation on my right shoulder and had to have my arm in a sling for four weeks.

It was a most uncomfortable experience as I could hardly use my right hand to write with, and the frustration of it all made me feel useless and inadequate.

However, my return to normality dictated that I should undergo a course of physiotherapy that lasted over three months.

Although the treatment was at times painful the rewarding side was meeting my favourite physiotherapist. A New Zealander by birth, she runs a practice in Harley Street whose patients are the elite of London society. I soon discovered why.

Her name is Kathryn. She is beautiful, extremely talented and has magical hands. Her girls, most of whom also come from New Zealand, are equally endowed with that rare quality of professionalism and a natural instinct for pin-pointing the areas that need the most attention.

Kathryn was responsible for my full recovery and I will always be grateful for her unstinting care, which made it possible for me to use my right arm as well as I could before.

To all my friends on Facebook and those who read my blog, I urge you to take note that West 1 Physiotherapy & Pilates, at 106 Harley Street, is the place to go if you need treatment!

For more:

T: 02079355652

F: 02074860356

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