Thought for the Day…

Labour will never learn, especially when they let ideology affect their better judgement.

The 50% tax may benefit the treasury in the short-term, but is likely to harm the economy in the long-run.

London, which has enjoyed a unique financial status for so long, is now being labelled the most taxed financial capital in the world. This will have an undesirable effect of the mass desertion of those brain boxes whose expertise over the years brought wealth and prosperity to our shores, in stiff competition with centres like New York, Frankfurt and Hong Kong.

Labour are their own worst enemy. The pretence to help the poor is only a cover up when you look at they way they behave behind closed doors. None of the luxuries that they condemn in others they abstain from themselves. Look at the way they cheat on expenses and demand first class travel on the railways, when we mere mortals have to contend with economy fares.

Cut out the pretence and come clean, before it is too late. If Labour carry on this way they will certainly be dumped by the electorate and consigned to obscurity for decades to come.

And good riddance!

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