In October 1999 we were due to publish Insights, my collection of interviews with, among others, Ludovic Kennedy, Joan Bakewell and Richard Holloway.

After painstakingly correcting the original proofs, the editor at the time sent the approved version to our offices at Quartet, to be sent on to our printers in Finland.

It was only after the book had been printed, stock distributed to our warehouse and review copies sent to members of the press that we discovered disaster had struck.

The original, uncorrected proofs had somehow been sent to the printers instead, and the final article was riddled with mistakes. No reviewer had spotted this – in fact, the TLS reviewed it very favourably – but I was horrified. I pulled the publication, and the book never made it out into the public domain.

It was a great shame, because the book is a real gem and has, in my view, the most beautiful cover design we have ever produced.

That is why here, on my blog, I plan to reproduce some of the interviews, as well as use the jacket design to illustrate future ‘Insights’.

In this way, I hope to produce something positive from what was for Quartet, at least until now, a low point.

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